La Mama

Well the show at La Mama the Club – Series of One Festival was unbelievably gratifying. A packed house. A very receptive audience. And the staff at La Mama really walk the walk in terms of honoring artists, their work, and graciously facilitating it’s presentation. How exhilarating to perform there! The audience really heard the play, and based on response during lamama_logo_small-e1375383458647solo play site imagethe performance and comments after, really felt it.  I’d initially thought after this performance I’d move on and try writing a new one. But, I think I’ll keep on with Running Into Me for a while longer. It’s providing some kind of service, people wanna see it, and it’s fun! Stan Meyer, a true artist, is now on board to design my set. The festival continues this weekend. I’m checking out Brigham Mosley’s show on Sunday. I saw an excerpt at the FAB Festival and it looked HILARIOUS!


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