Over $9,000.00 raised for Running Into Me

Glorious news! We have so far raised $9,718.00 online for Running Into Me at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. I will continue to fund-raise throughout the summer, up ’til July 20th, shortly after which, I fly to the UK. Here is a photo of the Venue: It’s The Delhi Belly room at Underbelly. A Big Four venue and one of the most sought after.

venue update

I will be staying in a flat about 10 minutes away. All very, very exciting. It is astounding the amount of support I continue to receive from friends and family and friends of friends!

My first benefit performance is tomorrow in Bed-Stuy at a bake sale and flea market in my neighborhood. I’ll keep you posted on where to donate, how you can continue to support and updates on Running Into Me: Edinburgh. xo