Over $9,000.00 raised for Running Into Me

Glorious news! We have so far raised $9,718.00 online for Running Into Me at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. I will continue to fund-raise throughout the summer, up ’til July 20th, shortly after which, I fly to the UK. Here is a photo of the Venue: It’s The Delhi Belly room at Underbelly. A Big Four venue and one of the most sought after.

venue update

I will be staying in a flat about 10 minutes away. All very, very exciting. It is astounding the amount of support I continue to receive from friends and family and friends of friends!

My first benefit performance is tomorrow in Bed-Stuy at a bake sale and flea market in my neighborhood. I’ll keep you posted on where to donate, how you can continue to support and updates on Running Into Me: Edinburgh. xo


Send an inspiring story around the world.

Hello friends and family,
I have pretty exciting news: I am planning to perform Running Into Me at the Fringe Festival this August! I may also have an opportunity, through the Edinburgh Fringe Society, to teach Play Solo workshops. (Created by me, to help young people write and perform solo plays about their own lives.) To realize this endeavor, I must raise $22,000.00 in 30 days via crowd sourcing. It’s an enormous undertaking, I know. But with your support it is totally achievable.

Below is a link to my Kickstarter campaign. Click it, watch the video, read the information and you will understand all I am attempting with Running Into Me. If it inspires you, please donate what you can and then pass the link on to others you believe will also be inspired. The last part is crucial. Without it, crowd-sourcing does not work.

Vimeo Still-1Stayed tuned for updates. I’ll definitely keep you posted!
Thank you all. Lots of love to you.


La Mama

Well the show at La Mama the Club – Series of One Festival was unbelievably gratifying. A packed house. A very receptive audience. And the staff at La Mama really walk the walk in terms of honoring artists, their work, and graciously facilitating it’s presentation. How exhilarating to perform there! The audience really heard the play, and based on response during lamama_logo_small-e1375383458647solo play site imagethe performance and comments after, really felt it.  I’d initially thought after this performance I’d move on and try writing a new one. But, I think I’ll keep on with Running Into Me for a while longer. It’s providing some kind of service, people wanna see it, and it’s fun! Stan Meyer, a true artist, is now on board to design my set. The festival continues this weekend. I’m checking out Brigham Mosley’s show on Sunday. I saw an excerpt at the FAB Festival and it looked HILARIOUS!

Running Into Me

So ridiculous to be writing about this so long after the fact, but, I have been busy people! I did my solo play, Running Into Me at Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe for an audience of about 50, mainly twenty-somethings. They asked such insightful questions afterward. I’m telling you, my hope and belief in the next generation of artists and thinkers is profound. The questions they asked and concerns they expressed were really thoughtful and spiritual creating one of the most engaging Q and A’s I’ve had after an RIM performance. I will be meeting with the producers at Red Shirt Entertainment in the coming weeks to discuss getting the play out to more insightful, concerned and inquisitive people like these–maybe looking at more dates at Nuyorican. We will see and you will know. Also, look for me in October at LaMama. Hot summer. Stay cool.


Kids in the Sky

imagesI just read a new play at primary stages called kids in the sky by Kate Bell. It is beautiful and funny and so, so moving. It speaks to the of behavior parents, the needs of students and judgements many of us make. It also talks about the inner struggle many teaching artists face deciding between our pursuit of art and our need to serve young people. Man, she really busted that play out! I have not seen the world of teaching artistry so truthfully depicted since Nilaja Sun’s play. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about Kids in the Sky…

Running Into Me

Well what can I say. I’ve performed it at United Solo Festival, Studio Theatre@Theatre Row. Michael Wolk, Executive director of All for One saw it and asked me to submit it to the AFO festival. It’s submitted. I wait. But in the meantime attending AFO salons and trying to get a handful of shows produced downtown. I think Red Shirt Productions would like to help me with that. We shall see and you shall know. It’s an important show. It needs to get out there. A lot. And it will. By the way, the All For One salons in Michael’s mid-town penthouse rock! The people are genuine and it’s a wonderful community of solo performers…lucky to have found it.


What’s up with Play Solo

Vickie with student

Vickie with student at JSSA

Fun at 52nd Street Project

I did an excerpt from my solo play, Running Into Me at 52nd Street Project a couple of weeks ago. My audience were a group of teens from Amerikids. Rajendra (Co-Artistic Director of Red Shirt Productions) and Jonas (Co-creator of Be.Do.Fly) invited me as their very first guest artist. I had the time of my life! Amerikids and Be.Do.Fly are devoted to empowering young people by providing vital tools for responsible decision making and educating them using the arts. I had to run out to  a play right after the performance so I didn’t have the opportunity to talk with them my audience. I could feel from their responses how attentive and insightful they were.  I intend to return soon to hang out and talk with them and hopefully facilitate a Play Solo Residency: teaching young people the basics of writing and performing personal narrative.