Running Into Me

So ridiculous to be writing about this so long after the fact, but, I have been busy people! I did my solo play, Running Into Me at Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe for an audience of about 50, mainly twenty-somethings. They asked such insightful questions afterward. I’m telling you, my hope and belief in the next generation of artists and thinkers is profound. The questions they asked and concerns they expressed were really thoughtful and spiritual creating one of the most engaging Q and A’s I’ve had after an RIM performance. I will be meeting with the producers at Red Shirt Entertainment in the coming weeks to discuss getting the play out to more insightful, concerned and inquisitive people like these–maybe looking at more dates at Nuyorican. We will see and you will know. Also, look for me in October at LaMama. Hot summer. Stay cool.



Kids in the Sky

imagesI just read a new play at primary stages called kids in the sky by Kate Bell. It is beautiful and funny and so, so moving. It speaks to the of behavior parents, the needs of students and judgements many of us make. It also talks about the inner struggle many teaching artists face deciding between our pursuit of art and our need to serve young people. Man, she really busted that play out! I have not seen the world of teaching artistry so truthfully depicted since Nilaja Sun’s play. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about Kids in the Sky…

Running Into Me

Well what can I say. I’ve performed it at United Solo Festival, Studio Theatre@Theatre Row. Michael Wolk, Executive director of All for One saw it and asked me to submit it to the AFO festival. It’s submitted. I wait. But in the meantime attending AFO salons and trying to get a handful of shows produced downtown. I think Red Shirt Productions would like to help me with that. We shall see and you shall know. It’s an important show. It needs to get out there. A lot. And it will. By the way, the All For One salons in Michael’s mid-town penthouse rock! The people are genuine and it’s a wonderful community of solo performers…lucky to have found it.